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Are you looking to attract webmasters, business owners just starting on the net, or a variety of potential clients that use Harpwro's free web site community? If so, Harpwro's Network of eBusiness & community web sites are perfect for advertising your product or service on. For more information on Harpwro's Free Community Portal, visit www.h-free.net. You can also read a breakdown of our entire Network by clicking here.

Buy Ad Banner Exposures Sale For our clients maximum security all orders will be processed through our strong 28 encryption secured SSL server, secure.harpwro.com Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, AMX, PayPal All Rates Are In US Dollars
5000    Exposures:  $/Unit=$0.01  Total Cost= $50.00
8000    Exposures:  $/Unit=$0.009  Total Cost= $72.00
10000  Exposures:  $/Unit=$0.008 Total Cost= $80.00
15000  Exposures:  $/Unit=$0.006  Total Cost= $90.00
20000  Exposures:  $/Unit=$0.005  Total Cost= $100.00
Bonus  Package:  Order 3 standard ad banners (468x60) + 20k Exposures for only... Total Cost= $210.00

FreeZone * Special Offer - 250 Free Ad Banner Exposures
Harpwro is giving away 250 Free Ad banner Exposure to all NEW Business clients. There is no purchase necessary & you will receive the same account features had you purchased 20,000 Exposures, that way you will have an accurate idea of what to except if you choose to purchase further Exposures. To receive your Free Ad Banner Exposures simply create a new account.

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